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The cosmetology Program is a 17 month program (1800 hours) which consists of the art, beautification, and science of hair care, nail care, skin care, and salon management. The program is regulated by the West Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.



Our Instructors will train you for a career as a hair stylist, colorist, or salon owner. When you make a decision to start a career in cosmetology you change your life for the better.

Content Skills Include:


The Nail Technician will be trained to provide treatment for the hands, and feet that may include natural nail and nail enhancement manicures. They must be adept at using a wide variety of industry products and tools, be able to communicate well with clients while establishing trusting relationships.


Aesthetics involves administering cosmetic treatments to enhance the appearance of the skin. This course will involve makeup, waxing, and tweezing which are extras that are needed at salons.

Content Skills include:

Cosmetics-Makeup-Oils-Powders-Clays-Antiseptics- Tonics-Lotions-Creams-Waxing-Tweezing

For More Information, contact:
Director Allen Halley



Instructor, Sarah Fowler

You can also contact 
BCTC at  (304) 369-4585  or  Cosmetology Salon (304) 369-1645

New classes start March 2023

See below, our class syllabus or apply now to enroll!

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