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Would you like to fuse extreme heat with your artistic imagination to build a New York skyscraper or West Virginia’s next New River Gorge Bridge? If so, let the sparks fly with the Welding Program at BCTC! Skilled technicians are required now and in the future. This program equips students with in-depth training in multiple welding techniques, preparing them for certification in this high-demand career sector.

Our highly trained instructors and applied classroom setting combined with NCCER accreditation can help you create your next masterpiece! So strike while the iron is hot!


  • Independent

  • Creative

  • Focused

  • Coordinated

  • Follow Written and Verbal Instructions

  • Measure Angles and Lengths

  • Ability to Hold and Control Tools

  • Team Player

See below, our class syllabus or apply now to enroll!

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