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Electrical Technology

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Are you interested in acquiring the unique skill set needed to have a career in the Electrical Industry? If so, the Electricity program at BCTC is for you! This program consists of a sequence of courses based on the Current National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) task list, which prepares students to become qualified professionals. Our highly-trained instructor utilizes a hands-on teaching method to assist students in achieving their NCCER Certification and the BCTC (1080 hour class completion) Certification, which will qualify students to take the State Fire Marshal’s Journeyman Electrician Exam directly out of high school!.

Work Skills

  • Good Physical Health, Balance,& Dexterity

  • Strong Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Focused

  • Problem Solver

  • Persistent

  • Strong Concentration and Focus

  • Understand Math and Physics

  • Determination

  • Ambitious

See below, our class syllabus or to learn more!

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